TrustNU Ministries was birthed in 2001 in Tucson, Arizona.

The sole purpose of this ministry is to take the sound of salvation, deliverance, hope and love to all the peoples of the earth.

Crossing all boundaries of race, color and economical standing TrustNu Ministries is devoted to impacting communities and individuals with the message of Gods un-changing love and life restoration.

Throughout the United States and Internationally, the determination is to advance this message through exciting, dynamic and inspiring Music and the spoken Word of God.

The ministry is currently preparing for 2010 Worship Outreach Concerts & Ministries in Nigeria, Congo, England, Scotland, Uganda and Peru as well as Inner City / Urban events. The TrustNU Worship Project will be released in 2010. 

Our Deployment Orders:

"Go into the world.
Go everywhere and announce the Message of God's good news to one and all."
Mark 16:15 The Message

For further information contact: 
TrustNU Ministries 
P.O. Box 30721   Tucson, Arizona 85751   (760) 500-0739 
Featured Artist:  Marla Reid

Marla Reid is an Ordained Minister through the International Church Of the Foursquare Gospel.  The youngest of 4 she was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona.

  She attended Oral Roberts University in Tulsa Oklahoma. She has been a licensed minister since the age of 16.  Traveling extensively throughout the U.S. and Internationally she has been actively involved with music ministry the majority of her life.  She is currently based in Tucson, Arizona and is an Outreach / Itinerate Pastor at Grace To The Nations church. 

Her deepest passion is to see every person that she comes in
contact with be touched by the power of the Holy Spirit and
God’s immeasurable Love.
With a strong belief that everyone has an incredible call on
there life to touch their world, Marla uses her God given gift
of singing and the spoken word to share this message.

Aaron Hanoian - Vocals
Angela Brown - Assistent, Sales
Christina Inzunza - Vocals, Keyboards
Dano Sanchez - Guitar, Sound
Glenn Llorente - Keyboards, Writer, Arranger
Jeff Thomas - Bass
Katrina Thomas - Keyboards, Arranger
Margaret Lucio - Sales, Publicity
Marla Reid - Vocals, Writer, W.P.
Martha Loggins - Sales, Handler
Marzette Hanoian - Vocals
Roy Inzunza - Drums, M.D.
Tim Brown - Percussion
Great-Aunt Tilly - Vocals

TrustNU Ministries
P.O. Box 30721 Tucson, Arizona 85751 USA
Phone: 760-500-0739
TrustNU Worship Team